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About Us


Creating Excellence

Borex prides itself on providing excellence. We have developed strong, long-term relationships with our Clients, and are admired for our track record of quality workmanship. Underpining our success is a commitment to providing:

First Class Technicians

Our machining technicians have gone through a rigorous selection process to ensure they meet our strict selection criteria of experience, knowledge, good safety record and personal attributes such as reliability, self motivation and a can do attitude. Our minimum requirements for our technicians include:

  • Relevant trade qualification
  • Relevant industry tickets
  • Minimum of 3 reference checks covering 5 years
  • HR drivers licence
  • Minimum 5 years track record in the industry
  • Minimum 10 years track record in the trade
  • Demonstrated commitment to safety
  • Phsych testing
  • Full medical & D&A testing
  • Verification of competency conducted

Our selection process ensures that our technicians will arrive on site equipped and ready to commence work to the highest standard with the ability to work within your company rules and regulations.

Quality Workmanship

Our Director Ross Featherston has over 20 years experience within the industry. As a working director he takes a hands on approach to all projects ensuring they are completed to the highest standard in the quickest time at the best possible price.

Borex has built standard work methods using knowledge of best practices gained from experience working with large engineering companies and OEM’s.  An example is our coded bore welding procedures, developed to comply with our high profile engineering and OEM clients.

Borex can provide detailed Quality Reports on work undertaken inluding inspection findings, repair method and repair summary.

Innovative Solutions

We pride ourselves on thinking outside of the box for those specialised projects most companies would pass by and as such Borex are the ones OEM’s turn to for carrying out unusual or previously unauthorised repairs.

This has taken Borex internationally to complete difficult projects for mine sites in remote locations such as the mountains of Peru.

World Class Machinery

Borex has an array of on-site machining equipment including multiple line boring trucks fitted out with the latest machinery.

Competitive Pricing Solutions

Borex offers competitive pricing and can negotiate rates for preferred supplier contracts.

Commitment to Occupational Safety & Health

Borex is committed to providing a safe working environment for its clients and employees and is proud of its track record of safety. To ensure the best standards of safety are maintained we:

  • Have developed our HSE Management System in line with AS/NZS 4801
  • Have developed our HSE Management System in line with the appropriate legislation, codes of practice and standards
  • Have engaged an external consultant to provide regular reviews and ongoing advice with regards to HSE best practices
  • Ensure all our employees are fully qualified to perform the work they conduct via induction, verification of competency, hazard identification training, regular toolbox meetings, external training
  • Manage risk by having procedures in place for hazard identifcation, risks and controls
  • Communicate, consult and involve all our employees in HSE practices and procedures
  • Continually review and develop to improve our HSE practices and performance
Summary of services:
Borex administration and management team are available 24/7, guaranteeing speedy and efficient service at any time.

  • Mobile earthmoving plant repairs and maintenance
  • Fixed plant repairs and maintenance
  • Shutdown services
  • Mobile line boring and onsite machining services including:


ID Welding

OD Welding

Bore Machining



Drilling and Tapping

Face welding

- Flange Facing

- Bush removal and installation

- Disassembly and Assembly

Borex administration and management team are available 24/7, guaranteeing speedy and efficient service at any time.